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Theft And Robbery In Florida
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Theft And Robbery In Florida

Theft and robbery are crimes that involve depriving a person of personal belongings; this similarity confuses people and makes these words are used interchangeably, but these words are different from each other.
Although both crimes include taking the property of another, differences arise from the way it is done. Theft and
all related crimes involve intention to profit and achieve a form of enrichment through appropriation. Although by law, they are related offenses, they are classified into different kinds taking into account the state where the offense is committed.

Theft is the illegal seizure of another person"s property. As per Florida law, theft is done without violence, force or intimidation against a person.
Theft is when a person takes an alien belonging illegally with the intention of not returning it. The victim doesn"t need to be present at the scene of the crime. Theft is defined as the act of stealing, specifically: the unlawful seizure and removal of a person"s property with intent to deprive the rightful owner of it.  Theft is done fast (steal and flee) or in secrecy (stealing without the victim realizing the crime). In many legal jurisdictions, robbery and theft are considered to be synonymous. Theft is also used as an informal shorthand term for certain property crimes, embezzlement, and fraud.  The punishment for theft may include penalties, fines or jail time, depending on the object stolen and the region.

Robbery is another type of property crime defined by law as an act of taking property from a person by intimidation or force. For this to happen, the victim must be involved. If a person is not involved, it can not be counted as robbery. Theft is defined as the act or practice of stealing, specifically: Robbing the person or the presence of another person with violence or threat. Robberies may include victim or multiple victims, such as bank robberies. Robbery commonly includes weapons such as guns, knives, etc.

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